The Cursed Painting


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Explore ancient ruins in order to uncover the secret of the Cursed Painting, and stop the undead curse plaguing the kingdom in this Interactive Fantasy Adventure Game, inspired by classic tabletop roleplaying games.

Choose between three different backgrounds – a thief, an adventurer or a noble – in this immersive experience and get ready for a grand adventure!

– Character progression through equipment, perks, gold and levels.
– Over 3 hours of unique sound effects!
– Dynamic combat system.
– Skill checks using your character statistics.
– Descriptive artwork for screen enabled Alexa devices.
– Combining single player adventuring with multiplayer components.
– And best of all, Totally free to play!

“Alexa, open Cursed Painting”

Expansion 1 – The Price of Knowledge
Strange lights have been seen coming from the old monastery beyond the forest, and rumors have it an ancient tome has been stolen from this forgotten place of worship.

Expansion 2 – Echoes of the Past
Shed some light on the origin of the curse which haunts the village through the tall tales told by a traveling minstrel as he whisks you away in a state of Trance.

Expansion 3 – A Peasant Scorned
The new mayor has his hands tied, a murder has been committed but the city guards can’t spare the men to investigate further.
Search for clues, question witnesses and pass your judgement!

Expansion 4 – The Dark Heart of the Forest
The Gallows Tree rises! Join ranks with other adventurers to fight the monstrosity!
Mysterious Soul Shards have begun appearing in the forest. What is their purpose?

Expansion 5 – Stairway to Ascension
Lit fires can be seen from a mountaintop in the distance.
Scaling the mountain is only for the bravest, or most foolhardy of wanderers.

Latest Content Update – 5.1
The Headless Horseman rides, searching for his head!
Band together and fight the menace, or else yours might be the next head he takes…