The Copernicus Legacy: The Interactive Audiobook

The Copernicus Legacy: Interactive Audiobook is based on the work of bestselling author Tony Abbott. The story begins when Wade Kaplan receives a coded message from his Uncle Henry, moments before the old man’s death. It is revealed that he died to protect the legacy of Copernicus, which relates to a scientific device that could change both the future and the past.

The Bard's Tale: Warlocks of Largefearn

The Bard’s Tale, Warlocks of Largefearn is an Interactive Audio RPG developed by Polar Night Studios.

Developed for Smart Speakers and Mobile Phones (iOS and Android) – this new addition to The Bard’s Tale franchise leads players from Skara Brae, to the growing settler town of Largefearn. Where rumours of missing citizens abound.

Tales of Sasha: The Interactive Audio Game

Tales of Sasha: The Interactive Audio Game is an educational math game for children between the ages 6-8, based on the Tales of Sasha book series. You play as a winged horse from Crystal Cove who is visiting Sasha in Verdant Valley. Explore the forest of the big trees, race Sasha, jump hurdles, and solve math minigames with the help of friendly forest creatures. Each successful minigame unlocks more social features and awards.

Escape from 63rd and Wallace

Escape from 63rd and Wallace is an audio adventure that takes the listener on a journey to Chicago in 1893, following Charlene, a young woman searching for her sister. This horror-themed story is full of puzzles that you will need to solve in order to succeed.

Enjoy brain tickling challenges and frightening encounters, full of twists and turns, secret discoveries, and perilous ends.


Mathcaster is an exciting combination of education and entertainment, suitable for ages between 8-12. This Alexa Skill is a perfect resource to help children improve and develop their math skills in a fun, exciting and challenging way.

Cursed Painting

Explore ancient ruins in order to uncover the secret of the Cursed Painting, and stop the undead curse plaguing the kingdom in this Interactive Fantasy Adventure Game, inspired by classic tabletop roleplaying games.

Choose between three different backgrounds – a thief, an adventurer or a noble – in this immersive experience and get ready for a grand adventure!