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We want your story

Whether you’re an author, narrative designer, or someone who has a great story to tell, we encourage you to consider Wanderword and invite your audience to “Step into Your story”. Read the below guidelines and fill out the questions and we will for sure take a good look at your concept and idea.

Our platform enables creators to add engagement levels so that listeners can choose what characters will do next via: branching, solving puzzles, opening bonus content, or more. You can also add in sound effects. Adding rich audio creates a more immersive experience for your listeners as they imagine themselves in your story.

If you have a compelling story you think will be a great fit with Wanderword let us know!

Below are Wanderword’s submission guidelines. Please follow them exactly as we will not consider any submissions that do not meet the requirements. Once you submit, you should hear back within two months.


  • Stories should be unpublished, and owned by the submitter

  • Stories should have the full main path of the story written and complete.

  • If a story already includes branching please call that out so we know.

  • We are looking for these genres:

    • Crime/Mystery

    • Sci-Fi/Fantasy

    • Thriller/Horror

    • Romance (closed door)

    • Adventure

    • Young Adult

    • Children’s stories

    • Sub-genres of these are also welcome

    • Short stories in the above genres

    • We are NOT looking for: Erotica, Historical, or High Literature (yet)

  • Base word count ranges between 20K – 35K. With branching; approx 40-50K.

  • Word count exceeding 80K words will not be considered at this time.

  • Submissions should be in TIMES NEW ROMAN, 12 font, double spaced.

  • Use the submission button to launch an email,

  • Any attachments sent will not be opened.

  • If you feel you have a collection of poetry that would lend itself well to Wanderword, or a collection of short stories, we will also accept these submissions. Follow the same guidelines as above.

 Tips on writing for Wanderword

  • Keep in mind that your audience of Active Listeners are listening to the story. There are no images supported

  • Stories with telepathy where you may have relied on italicized text to inform the reader of a thought or a character speaking in someone’s mind will not work in this format. Work around is to indicate in the story that it’s happening in someone’s mind, or is a thought.

  • For puzzles, or mental mapping of areas keep it light and easy, since again there are no visual references. Also remember that the Active Listener might experience the story in portions with hours or days in-between sessions.

  • Write up “look around” or “repeat” nodes where the listener can use the command “look around” when they get stuck to help ground them again in the story and what potentially they could do next. These will be available to the listener at any voice command section in your story (you can layer these in later, this is just for awareness, not a requirement for a submission).

  • Wanderword has a variety of options for you to try with your stories. We’ve purposefully chosen our launch titles to demonstrate the abilities you can utilize. 63rd and Wallace is an escape-room horror story, where puzzles need to be solved before the Active Listener can move on in the story. Green Land demonstrates the cause and effect of making choices, with over seven different endings and multiple ways to get there. Our crime story, Blood Water, is broken up into episodes and has two POV throughout and interaction is focused on deductive skills and crime investigation process. Fantasy trilogy Path of Legends allows you to pick a character type (thief, magic user, or healer) and if you want to be male or female. The three character types meet at cross-roads in the story. Re-listening a story with a new character offers a new perspective but the same story/journey.

Next Steps

We’d love to hear from you. If we believe that what you have submitted could lend itself to Wanderword, we will reach out and at that point also provide more information on how to make your story come to life and provide an immersive experience for your active listeners.

Thank you for your submission, and we look forward to working with the many storytellers out there!


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