Salutations and Happy New Year from Wanderword!

At Wanderword it's been an exciting year of storytelling in the making. We couldn't be happier with what has been accomplished, and with what we hope to bring to you next year.  After 6 years of working on the Wanderword invention we could finally share the efforts with the public.

We feel the above image represents our efforts in 2018 - Young active listeners who live mobile and connected lives, experiencing the sci-fi story Greenland at the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference back in September this year. In the photo, the active listeners are not looking at screens, as these are blacked out. They are listening to a story, making choices of where it should go next and generate their own images and experiences using their imagination.

Right now Peter, the inventor of Wanderword, is diving in Cabo Mexico enjoying a little relaxation with his family, while I'm sitting in front of the fireplace glad to be out of the Seattle rain. My cat Lord Vader is curled up next to me and it seems like the perfect time for reflection. 

 Peter, and I wanted to share with you some of our Wanderword adventures over the past year, as we couldn't have done it without you. Whether you tried one of our stories and provided feedback, liked a Facebook or Twitter post, or just generally had a curiosity about what we are doing, we thank you for your support. And we look forward to sharing next year with you too. 

2018 Key Milestones:

  • We partnered with Scottish company CereProc finalizing which synthetic voices will be reading our stories. It's been interesting to see people's reactions to our "William" voice, and while it doesn't appeal to everyone we believe in a future where synthetic voices will become common and familiar.

  • We hired over half a dozen authors to create unique and exclusive content for our listeners to enjoy. One of our principals is supporting diverse talent, and we kept that in mind as we looked for people to represent our stories. Check out our talented authors on our website for more information about each one.

  • Our portfolio of stories represents a wide range of genres and demonstrates the power of Wanderword. We worked with our authors to showcase how Wanderword could provide immersive experiences, for example 63rd and Wallace has an escape room focus, while Green Land demonstrates our narrative branching with up to seven different endings. 

  • Focused on feedback from the public, hosting events at Mox Cafe, and the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference with showcase demos.  

  • We partnered with Amazon, launching our first piece of content for free on the Alexa. Check out the 63rd Wallace Skill, and let us know what you think by leaving a review.  

  • Our lead developer, Russ, has been working tirelessly to make sure our technology is working as designed, and champions a rich platform that allows options to our creators. He has expanded our development team in the Seattle area, and continues to drive our technology efforts. 

  • In order to support our creators, Wanderword opened a new Studio in Sweden driven by Thomas, and we hired developers, audio designers, and content developers, to collaborate on making top quality experiences for our listeners. 

 We aren't exactly sure what this next year has in store, but our ambitions are bold and ideas are sharp. No matter what happens, we'll keep at the core a focus on quality stories, an inclusive mindset and to build a diverse team of programmers, authors, audio engineers and business folks to further develop our innovative platform.  We believe in the future of storytelling as immersive and interactive entertainment that transforms the way we engage with stories, appreciate and understand each other. 

 May our journey together be even better in the up coming year. Reach out if you have any feedback for us:

Onwards and Upwards,


 Chenelle Bremont on behalf of everyone at