Wanderword signs its next interactive audio-book author

Dylan armor headshot.jpg

Dylan Birtolo

Written by published science fiction and fantasy author Dylan Birtolo, “Green Land” will take the reader on a fascinating yet dangerous journey, from the deserted launch stations and rusting spacecraft hangars of Greenland to the outer solar system. The reader’s actions will feed reactions that echo throughout the solar system and impact the ultimate outcome in this exclusive Wanderword interactive audio book.

The human race is striving to extend its reach beyond the grasp of planet Earth, and each day that possibility accelerates significantly. The question today is not “if”, but rather “when”. The next interactive audio-book signed by Wanderword will be a science fiction adventure, set in a not-too-far future where this reality has come to pass.

Earth is no longer embraced as the blue-green marble it once was. The planet has become crowded, filthy, drained of clean water, and – in large regions – abandoned. Large areas and cities have regressed into lawlessness and violence. But there is a promise of a brighter future, and it lies among the stars where humanity is colonizing an increasing number of new worlds. Desperation drives people to give up just about anything they can to get off the scorched surface to follow their dreams. 

Dylan Birtolo comments "The team at Wanderword is doing some amazing things and providing a whole new way to tell a story. I’m very excited to be working with them and teaming up to create a new sci-fi universe and introduce it to people in a way they can become immersed in the world and feel like they are part of it, not just idly observing it from the sidelines. I can’t wait to share what we’re able to create."