Published author Natalie French to write "63rd & Wallace"


Team Wanderword is proud to announce that we have secured an agreement with published author Natalie French who will write the premier 1st party Wanderword story "63rd & Wallace", a psychological thriller, interactive audio-book inspired by the true events surrounding H.H Holmes, Americas first documented serial killer.

For most, the Chicago World’s Fair in the 1890’s was a place for fair-goers to marvel at the wonders of electricity, experience innovative products like the revolutionary zipper, and ride Ferris’s new Wheel. Yet hidden amongst the wonder, evil flourished. Attracting visitors, Holmes built a hotel of horrors, later known as the Murder Castle, with gas chambers, secret passageways, and asphyxiation rooms. 



Natalie french

I’m so excited to work with the team at Wanderword. The interactive capabilities of the platform and editor mixed with audio-books will unlock an entirely new toolkit for authors to tell amazing stories. Wanderword will reach new levels of immersion in storytelling, with the reader now becoming a participant, a partner, with the characters. I can’t wait for everyone to visit the corner of 63rd & Wallace with me, and shape the story as they play.