Detox Studios and PBJ Synthetics Corp enter into unique partnership

Kirkland, WA, Oct 5th 2017.

Team Wanderword is partnering with Detox Studios, a company specializing in editors and tools for software development. Together and in close collaboration with our licensed storytellers we will tailor a version of Detox Studios' visual scripting tool Uscript with a focus on further empowering creative writing for Wanderword's interactive audio-book platform. Detox owner and co-founder

Anthony Silva of Detox Studios comments; "Enabling content creators to achieve their creative goals has always been at the heart of what Detox Studios and uScript are about. The new partnership with Team Wanderword of PBJ Synthetics, Corp is an exciting opportunity to bring a custom-tailored tool-set to a whole new medium and authors for their interactive audio-book platform Wanderword."


About Detox Studios

Detox Studios was founded by video game veterans to create a powerful development tool for the Unity game engine called uScript Visual Scripting Tool with the goal of empowering content creators of all technical levels to build compelling interactive experiences.  Based on the years of experience of its creators, uScript was conceived from the knowledge and wisdom of creating award-winning video games including System Shock 2, Thief: The Dark Project, Darkwatch, The Bourne Conspiracy, ATV Offroad Fury, Red Faction, Deadly Creatures, Pixar Cars, the uDraw Game Tablet and many others.