Thomas Lindgren joins the Wanderword team

Swedish entrepreneur and investor Thomas Lindgren officially joining team Wanderword as adviser and to-be chairman. His experience and expertise will play a critical role for our launch this year and beyond.

Thomas Lindgren is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur. He has close to 20 years of experience from the gaming industry as well as experience from several other industries as a management consultant and professional board member. He is currently the CEO for Glorious Games (formerly Stardoll) where he has successfully turned around several years of loss making to stable business performance and growth.

In addition to his role as CEO of Glorious Games, he is also the Chairman of the board for the successful game studio Fatshark, senior advisor to Goodbye Kansas as well as an angel investor and board member on several Swedish start-ups.

Thomas' role with Wanderword is to support with strategy to the leadership team

The SUPERHOT Experiment

The creator behind the game SUPERHOT has generously given Team Wanderword permission to use their first-person action game SUPERHOT to experiment with, and prove that action games can work as audio-only experiences.

SUPERHOT, a highly acclaimed first person shooter ("FPS") available on VR, console and PC, offers one core game mechanic that is as beautiful as it is innovative; "Time only moves when You move". Team Wanderword will attempt to adapt this concept to "Time only moves when You speak".

Peter Zetterberg comments, "If we can pull this off and prove to Team SUPERHOT that our audio-only and speech controlled adaptation of their game is an easy to play - hard to master, and a rewarding experience, we hope our friends provide us with a license to sell the game on the Wanderword platform at launch. This partnership puts us on track to offer a wide range of digital experiences, in addition to interactive stories."




Blurring the lines between cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem, SUPERHOT is the FPS in which time moves only when you move. No regenerating health bars. No conveniently placed ammo drops. It's just you, outnumbered and outgunned, grabbing the weapons of fallen enemies to shoot, slice, and maneuver through a hurricane of slow-motion bullets.

For more information about SUPERHOT visit


About Wanderword

Audio-based inclusive, interactive stories for a mobile & cloud connected lifestyle

Wanderword fuses the concept of a digital audio book with mechanics of non-linear storytelling allowing for non-intrusive & effortless yet highly engaging, interactive experiences in which users use voice commands to control and influence the branching or outcome of a non-linear narrative or situation.

Cereproc speech technology to power Wanderword


Cereproc’s realistic synthetic voice personas to power Wanderword’s interactive audio-book platform


Text-to-speech solutions & speech synthesis research company CereProc and Kirkland-based software company PBJ Synthetics are partnering to create the most immersive interactive audio books for today’s globally connected and mobile lifestyles. Cereproc’s voice personas will be fully integrated into the Wanderword story platform to deliver true human phonetics processing, and thus, ignite Wanderword’s stories to come alive.


PBJ Synthetic’s founder Peter Zetterberg comments, “Cereproc’s impressive speech technologies allow us to create believable, delightful and immersive audio-book experiences, relying solely on synthetic speech and sound effects. Using Text to Speech instead of traditional voice-acting, we can tweak and refine our content on the fly and after releasing a story. With Cereproc’s growing library of world languages, Wanderword stories will be translated cost-effectively to countries around the world”


“Wanderword is an example of the interactive application that CereProc loves to support and be involved with, it is unique and shows initiative, plus brings speech technology to a greater audience”

Paul Welham, CEO of Cereproc.

CereProc is a Scottish company, based in Edinburgh - the home of advanced speech synthesis research. Speech synthesis is not just about information provision by bland boring voices! We’re passionate about creating characterful, engaging, emotional voices that that change the way humans interact with technology!  The CereProc team has extensive experience across the entire speech technology domain. We also partner with a range of companies and academic institutions to develop exciting new markets for text-to-speech.

About CereProc

CereProc, founded in 2005, creates text-to-speech solutions for any type of application. Our core product, CereVoice, is available on any platform, from mobile and embedded devices to desktops and servers. CereProc has assembled a leading team of speech experts, with a track record of academic and commercial success.

For more information about CereProc:

Sales and Marketing Department            

+44 131 516 8532

Published author Natalie French to write "63rd & Wallace"


Team Wanderword is proud to announce that we have secured an agreement with published author Natalie French who will write the premier 1st party Wanderword story "63rd & Wallace", a psychological thriller, interactive audio-book inspired by the true events surrounding H.H Holmes, Americas first documented serial killer.

For most, the Chicago World’s Fair in the 1890’s was a place for fair-goers to marvel at the wonders of electricity, experience innovative products like the revolutionary zipper, and ride Ferris’s new Wheel. Yet hidden amongst the wonder, evil flourished. Attracting visitors, Holmes built a hotel of horrors, later known as the Murder Castle, with gas chambers, secret passageways, and asphyxiation rooms. 



Natalie french

I’m so excited to work with the team at Wanderword. The interactive capabilities of the platform and editor mixed with audio-books will unlock an entirely new toolkit for authors to tell amazing stories. Wanderword will reach new levels of immersion in storytelling, with the reader now becoming a participant, a partner, with the characters. I can’t wait for everyone to visit the corner of 63rd & Wallace with me, and shape the story as they play.

Krotos Dehumaniser & Wanderword

Kirkland, WA, October 9, 2017 – Krotos is integrating their world-renowned Dehumaniser vocal processing technology into the upcoming Wanderword interactive audio book project.  Dehumaniser wowed Hollywood and the video game industry by making it possible for actors to perform creature sounds in blockbusters like Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Jungle Book, Far Cry 4, and Doom.  Now, Dehumaniser Live, the run-time technology that debuted at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, will enable Wanderword players to play and create audio-based interactive stories.


Wanderword "Step Into Your Story", is a platform to empower people to write, share, and play audio-based interactive stories.  The Wanderword app, planned for a spring 2018 launch on leading mobile devices and PCs, fuses the concept of a digital audio book with mechanics of non-linear storytelling.  Wanderword offers highly engaging interactive experiences in which players listen to a story and simply speak their desired actions to control and influence narrative branching.

Wanderword founder Peter Zetterberg said, “Krotos has proven their engineering excellence in developing tools for world-class audio manipulation and we are delighted to be working with them. Wanderword is all about enabling players to "step into their stories", relying solely on audio to establish true immersion, and Dehumaniser will open up a whole new level of depth. We're looking forward to rolling out the impressive suite of Krotos tools and technologies to our future Wanderword storytellers".


"The ability to change your voice, to inhabit the voice of a fictional character, is a powerful story-telling tool.  Dehumaniser paired with Wanderword brings that magic to an interactive platform.  We're excited to provide an integral part of the Wanderword platform."

Orfeas Boteas, CEO of Krotos

About Krotos

Based in Edinburgh's bustling tech hub, Krotos develops innovative audio technologies that fundamentally change the way sound effects are designed.   Krotos’ flagship software, Dehumaniser, is a unique sound design tool that produces feature film quality monster and creature sounds in real-time.  Reformer, Krotos' latest innovation, makes it possible for sound designers to perform a library of sound effects in real-time. Paula Fairfield, sound designer on Game of Thrones called Reformer "insanely awesome".  In 2017, Krotos secured an angel investment round of funding from award-winning video game pioneer, Leslie Benzies.

For more information about Krotos:

Sarah Matulis

+44(0) 131 651 3251

Detox Studios and PBJ Synthetics Corp enter into unique partnership

Kirkland, WA, Oct 5th 2017.

Team Wanderword is partnering with Detox Studios, a company specializing in editors and tools for software development. Together and in close collaboration with our licensed storytellers we will tailor a version of Detox Studios' visual scripting tool Uscript with a focus on further empowering creative writing for Wanderword's interactive audio-book platform. Detox owner and co-founder

Anthony Silva of Detox Studios comments; "Enabling content creators to achieve their creative goals has always been at the heart of what Detox Studios and uScript are about. The new partnership with Team Wanderword of PBJ Synthetics, Corp is an exciting opportunity to bring a custom-tailored tool-set to a whole new medium and authors for their interactive audio-book platform Wanderword."


About Detox Studios

Detox Studios was founded by video game veterans to create a powerful development tool for the Unity game engine called uScript Visual Scripting Tool with the goal of empowering content creators of all technical levels to build compelling interactive experiences.  Based on the years of experience of its creators, uScript was conceived from the knowledge and wisdom of creating award-winning video games including System Shock 2, Thief: The Dark Project, Darkwatch, The Bourne Conspiracy, ATV Offroad Fury, Red Faction, Deadly Creatures, Pixar Cars, the uDraw Game Tablet and many others.