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 July 24, 2020 

Cursed Painting Expansions two and three now available! 

The Cursed Painting team are proud to announce that Expansion 1: Echos of the Past, Expansion 2: The Price of Knowledge, and Expansion 3: A Peasant Scorned are all now available.

Say "Alexa, Open Cursed Painting" and enjoy!

Click image to view release trailer 

 July 24, 2020 

A Sit Down with interactive audio professional Nicholas E. Sawka

I had the pleasure of chatting about Cursed Painting with fellow interactive audio industry professional Nicholas E. Sawka, an experienced Chief of Operations who’s roster includes Voice Skills Inc, GCNES Creations and most recently NES Voice Skills.


Game style skills, or RPGs for that matter, are a rather new phenomena in a skill store dominated by question of the day quizzes and novelty functions. When discussing the state of RPGs on Alexa, in Nicholas’ words “I think that they still have a ways to go, but what you all are doing is putting your skill at the head of the pack”.


Probing deeper into this praise, I asked what put us ahead in his eyes. 


“Honestly, I love the visual images, it seemed like you all put a lot of thought and time into them. I really like how you took advantage of device’s displays, using it as a way to further the story and deepen the experience visually. I think the artwork is just fantastic, and more important than you know.”

In developing Cursed Painting, we made the decision to add totally unique artworks from a single artist that served to depict characters, locations, inventories, and maps for those playing on screened Alexa devices, or on a phone.    

Speaking with an interactive audio veteran, my next question was naturally; what do you think are the next steps in interactive audio content of the future?


“I'm not really sure about this one, but I would simply say create the highest level of audio content that you can. Take a look at the Alexa docs and create the highest quality audio as possible.” “The sound effects really stuck with me. The use of SFX is key when creating an experience like yours.”

Final thoughts? “Keep building it include detailed maps and other items that would bring it more into the realm of a video game RPG.

 July 10, 2020 

Cursed Painting - Expansion 3: coming soon...

On July 14th you will find yourself fallen into the bloodied shoes of a village detective. There has been a murder, and it's your job to unravel it's shocking mystery. Featuring new places, people, stories, and art, you won't want to miss Cursed Painting: A Peasant Scorned.

 June 5, 2020 

Looking for beta testers!

Our ambition is to create fun and interactive games that can be enjoyed by many. To reach that, we need your help. If you would like to beta test our products while providing us with feedback and thoughts, we would be happy to have you test our products.  

If interested sign up at:

 June 2, 2020 

The Cursed Painting - Expansion 2

The second expansion for the Audio RPG: The Cursed Painting is released today!


Shed some light on the origin of the curse which haunts the village through the tall tales told by a traveling minstrel.


The expansion features brand new weapons, puzzles and more areas to explore

 May 11, 2020 

The Cursed Painting - Expansion 1

The Price of Knowledge is available to all players who have finished the main quest in our Audio RPG: The Cursed Painting as of today!


Explore a derelict monastery in search of a stolen book in our very first Expansion!

 April 25, 2020 

The Cursed Painting Passes 15000 skill activations!

15.000 adventurers can't be wrong - The Cursed Painting game surely is something special.

A reason for celebration here at the office, and we look forward to continuing support of the game!

 April 4, 2020 

The Cursed Painting - Released for the Amazon Alexa

The team at Wanderword is proud to release the full version of "The Cursed Painting"


A true labor of love is now available exclusively for any Amazon Alexa enabled device.

Choose between three backgrounds and get to saving a small village from undead attacks by lifting the curse which haunts the lands.


Fight monsters, Explore dungeons, Level up and gather loot in this immersive audio RPG featuring over 2 hours of unique sound effects!

 April 1, 2020 

Wanderword Boden announces studio promotions

Today Wanderword, a leader in interactive audio entertainment, is announcing that it is promoting Henrik Lindfors and Simon Strömberg, who joined the Boden based company 10 months ago. Effective immediately, Lindfors will be heading up all design related efforts within the 15 person strong studio while Strömberg focuses on heading up the studio.

“It's promising to see how people at such an early stage of their career step up to the plate and take on increased responsibility”, comments Thomas Lindgren, CEO of Wanderword. He continues “It’s important we nurture and support leaders inside the organization; a vital factor in building a positive and unique company culture”.

“It has been an exciting journey so far and I look forward to working closely with all members of staff to build and grow Wanderword Boden into a world-class studio”, adds Strömberg.

Moving forward, Strömberg and Lindfors are taking an operative responsibility in the running of the studio while also joining the company’s leadership team. The company has released three audio based interactive pieces of entertainment for both Android devices and Amazon Alexa.

 January 31, 2020 

Thomas Lindgren appointed CEO for interactive audio games innovator & platform company Wanderword

In 2019 the company Wanderword, platform owner and publisher of interactive audio entertainment for mobile phones and smart speakers, such as Android and Amazon Alexa, accelerated its growth and presence while also onboarding a hand-picked group of early investors. A collaboration with Amazon deepened during the fall of 2019. Furthermore, the company secured license agreements with IP owners. The company has released its own proprietary audio entertainment skills and games, such as 63rd & Wallace, The Cursed Painting and Bluurb.


Considering the above, the shareholders and company leadership are now preparing for the next phase of its growth. As such, Wanderword is announcing the immediate appointment of two experienced entrepreneurs and proven company managers - Thomas Lindgren steps in as CEO and Mattias Bergqvist, former studio manager, is promoted to COO. 

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 January 3, 2020 

We are proud to announce the launch of our brand-new interactive audio RPG “The Cursed Painting"

The Cursed Painting combines the best elements of tabletop gaming, audiobooks, and open world exploration to deliver a uniquely vivid and interactive experience. Whether you’re delving deep into the mysteries of a strange midlevel village, or exploring the depths of an eerie dungeon, your path is completely up to you!
As you explore you will be immersed by layers of meticulously crafted audio paired with an original fantasy score that will suck you right into the world. We on the cursed painting team are huge RPG fans ourselves. Our team is made up of fantasy authors, tabletop experts, audio engineers, and orchestral composers (don’t forget coders!) who take immersion, mechanics, and story seriously. The cursed painting is a must for anyone with an affinity for exploration, adventure, and fantasy…and it’s free!"

 January 1, 2020 

Happy 2020!

Companies don’t create or build things, people do. It’s the combined effort of individuals from all walks of life that through collaboration, achieve great things; creating a video game, producing music, erect buildings or assemble cars. People's behaviors and values nurture the culture, be it a family, a sports team or company. In essence, the output, product or achievements are a direct reflection of the culture.

Wanderword started the year with a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs and finished with key partnerships with global media companies and a tight group of long-term minded investors and professional executives. The studio in Sweden has grown from 0 to 10 and the team members' talent and passion to push interactive audio entertainment is inspiring. 2019 was an incredible year for Wanderword.

With that said. We are wishing our active listeners, partners, and talented contributors a great new decade!

 November 15, 2019 

5000 Participants in Stardoll competition!

We at the Bluurb team are thrilled that the Stardoll community has gone all out for the “Bluurb Is The Word” competition with 5000 entries so far!

So much creativity! We are so much looking forward to read all the entries and finally select the happy winners.More to come from this! Stardoll is the largest online community for girls who love fashion, shopping, decorating, creativity, and making new friends from around the world. Members create their own stardoll avatar, go shopping, dress up, decorate their suite, express themselves creatively and socialize with each other.

 October 25, 2019 

Wanderword speaks at Games Forum in Seattle

Wanderwords founder Peter Zetterberg & Chairman Thomas Lindgren was invited to Games Forum I Seattle on oct 22-23 to share their views on interactive audio entertainment. Peter & Thomas did a much appreciated 30 min speech about the future of interactive audio and the opportunities for publishers & IP holders in this new industry. They also shared a sneak preview of the demo of the coming RPG Cursed Painting. On stage they also invited the audience to participate in a demonstration on the word game Bluurb.Gamesforum Seattle is a two day conference that brings together senior executives, influential managers and ambitious independent developers with the aim of supporting cross platform game developers. Gamesforum plays host to a hundred speakers from leading developers, publishers, brands and service providers discussing topics across six fascinating content tracks.

 October 15, 2019 

Wanderword launches cooperation with Stardoll

Bluurb and Stardoll have teamed up to bring you the BLUURB IS THE WORD: STORY CONTEST!


We all have wild and fantastic stories within us. Here is your opportunity to share one of yours with the world, with Bluurb! Oh! And you can win some awesome Stardoll prizes while you're at it!Stardoll is the largest online community for girls who love fashion, shopping, decorating, creativity, and making new friends from around the world. Members create their own stardoll avatar, go shopping, dress up, decorate their suite, express themselves creatively and socialize with each other.

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