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Take a journey into the Great White North…

When you first heard the name Ragnar Johnson while researching the fur trade your interests were instantly peaked. A master trapper, Johnson set records in Canada’s frozen north, but the history books don’t say much else about him. So, when a tip turns you on to an elderly woman who claims to have known him, and when she informs you that Ragnar saved her life, your curiosity compels you to meet up with her and hear her story…

Overview: The Legend of Ragnar Johnson invites you to discover and experience who Ragnar was through eleven-year-old Elsie Schroeder, the young girl Ragnar saved from a blizzard and returned to her family during a break in the storm, a reporter who interviews an elderly Elsie Schroeder in her twilight years, and the legend, Ragnar Johnson, himself.

Price: $TBD

About the author: Morgan I.P. Fics is a writer, filmmaker and educator living in Toronto, Canada. Morgan has taught screenwriting and filmmaking at the post-secondary level, in private workshops, has worked as a story editor and has featured several of his films in festivals across the globe.

Cover art: Amanda Fics


Welcome to Chicago...

For most, the Chicago World’s Fair in the 1890’s was a place for fair-goers to marvel at the wonders of electricity, experience innovative products like the revolutionary zipper, and ride Ferris’s new Wheel. Yet hidden amongst the wonder, evil flourished. Attracting visitors, a Dr. Holmes built a hotel of horrors, later known as the Murder Castle, with gas chambers, secret passageways, and asphyxiation rooms. All built for the purpose to industrialize his killings. 

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Overview: 63rd  & Wallace, takes the reader on a journey for survival through the murder castle, exploring its darkest secrets and towards the inevitable encounter with Dr. H..H Holmes himself.

Price: $TBD

About the author: Natalie French grew up moving - a lot - all over Southern California and St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, but spent her teens and early 20's near Denver. Thirteen years ago, she settled in the Seattle area. Natalie's days are spent working full time and enjoying her two children, a boy and a girl, for whom wrestling on the stairs is a serious sport. At night, when the house is quiet, she writes. 

Cover art: Christina Ergonis