Greta Thunberg: Your silence is almost worst of all

The Story of How a Teenager Started a Global Movement

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How could a 15-year-old girl with a sign and a bunch of flyers really manage to influence an entire world?

Environmental journalist Anders Hellberg walked past the Swedish Parliament every day during Greta Thunberg’s first three weeks of school strike for the climate. He was the one who took the now iconic photo of Greta in a yellow raincoat with the hood pulled up – a photo that has since then been seen on book and magazine covers around the world. This is his version of what happened during those dramatic weeks in August and September 2018. It’s a story about how a lone teenager defied the mockery of adults and planted the seed for the global movement Fridays for Future. Many of the photos in the book have never been published before.

About the author

ANDERS HELLBERG Is an environmental journalist who has during the last 10 years worked among others, as editor-in-chief and responsible editor at the climate magazine Effekt, reporter at Aktuell Hållbarhet (previous Miljöaktuellt), and writer at Supermiljöbloggen. Now he is responsible for the independent news site Bokdjuret, which based on the world of books, addresses issues of environment, climate and sustainability.


ISBN: 789198796902
Publication Date: 17/06/2022
Series: Word Frontiers

Duration: 44m