Fabella Creator Game Jam 2021

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Overview of the Game Jam

This is a Game Jam where you’ll create an interactive audio game or story that uses speech recognition to control the gameplay/narrative.

All kinds of creatives are welcome to enter the contest, as Fabella Creator requires no prior coding experience.

The contest entries will be featured on and displayed in a gallery at The Voice of Gaming conference on December 1, 2021. The entries will be reviewed by a jury, as well as visitors who rate them via the Poptale site.

All games entered into the contest will be considered for a publishing deal with Wanderword!


1. The Fabella Game Jam kicks off on November 10, 2021, and ends on November 25.

2. You have two weeks to create an original game/story using the Fabella Creator. Access to Fabella is obtained by registering for the contest via this form.

3. The game must take a minimum of 5 minutes for the player to complete, but no longer than 20 minutes.

4. Projects will be posted to the gallery within 24 hours of completion. Once a project is finished, the creator(s) need to notify in order for the entry to be verified and posted.

"Your story starts here" – an introduction to Fabella Creator.