Fabula – Public Beta

By September 16, 2021No Comments

Wanderword is excited to announce the Public Beta of Fabula, the future of interactive audio.

In 2019, Fabula began as the inhouse development tool for our development team. Facilitating efficient, streamlined project development that was able to be distributed to multiple platforms, including smartphones as well as smart speakers with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Once the development team realized the ease of use and the broader applicability to content creators everywhere, we decided to build the platform out to meet the needs of the growing interactive audio industry.

At Wanderword we wanted to build something that would encourage people to write interactive and engaging audio stories and entertainment. Our great team at Fabula was able to build a platform that does this in a fun, easy to use way.

Johan Stromberg - CEO of Wanderword

Fabula opens the door for content creators to have true freedom with the projects they create, from uploading their own audio recordings to choosing from a supply of 440 different voices. Customization is a cornerstone of the platform.

The efficiency of Fabula allows for real-time collaboration with other team members, saving both time and money in the production pipeline. From simple linear story narration to advanced game design, Fabula aims to meet and exceed the needs of the end user.

Lastly, the entire team at Fabula is very excited for this opportunity to provide content creators with a new outlet to display their work.


  • Dynamic audio system with simultaneous voice, music and sound effects
  • Easy to use (drag and drop) node based system
  • Real-time collaboration with others saves production time
  • Create once – publish everywhere
  • Advanced game design for experienced programmers
  • First class synthetic voices with over 440 to choose from and counting
  • Bring your own voice recordings
  • No prior coding experience needed

You can also visit the Fabula Homepage to learn more.