Parent & Child beta testers wanted. Win a free Alexa or Google Home Nest

By March 24, 2021April 13th, 2021No Comments

Calling all parents! Would you or your child like to play a small part in the development of Wanderword’s upcoming Fantasy/Adventure learning game Mathcaster?

Mathcaster is designed to get kids excited about math, while providing a fun and engaging adventure that will keep them on the edge of their seat. The best part is that the educational experience molds itself to each child’s unique level to create the optimal learning experience. This means that Mathcaster is never frustrating, but never too easy.

To show our deep appreciation, parents who sign up to test the game will be entered to win a free Amazon Alexa or a Google Home Nest!


  • Step into an epic and fantastical world, populated by a vibrant cast of characters
  • Practice your math in a fun new way that takes the eyes off the screen and engages critical thinking
  • Featuring a common-core based math learning system that merges numbers with adventure – use your mind to cast magical spells and keep your world safe
  • Math concepts are perfectly catered to your experience level and grow with your new abilities
  • A detailed soundscape that brings the action straight to your ears

To sign up to be a tester, click here: