Wanderword positions for exponential innovation in the interactive voice industry

By January 29, 2021April 13th, 2021No Comments

Interactive audio and voice search could very well be the next wave of disruptive innovation to break on the shores of the tech industry. According to a study by growth analysis firm Juniper Research, digital voice assistants in use are expected to triple to 8 billion by 2023, driven by smart home devices. Amazon Alexa has long established itself as the industry leader, closely followed by Google Home and Apple’s Siri, but a growing market means there is still room for shifting.

Wanderword is meeting this exponential demand with exponentially better products, and more of them! Following the success of 63rd And Wallace, Bluurb, Cursed Painting, product output will be stepped up 4X. This new pace would be impossible if it were not for the studios internally designed “voice development platform” (keep an eye out for more details).
Leading an industry isn’t just about output. It’s about involvement. Wanderword lends their wisdom and voice to many industry peers, including the Voice Spark Network, the Audio Gaming Forums, Boden Game Camp, and PNWA Conferences.

Founder Peter Zetterberg’s message to the interactive voice industry: