Team Wanderword hits record employment growth

By January 14, 2021April 13th, 2021No Comments

2021 is set to be a period of extensive growth for the Wanderword team. Wanderword’s employment has grown by 57% over the past two quarters thanks to an influx of new talent. We are proud to welcome more producers, narrative designers, writers, community managers, and system developers to Boden. This is only the beginning of the exponential growth we expect to see in 2021 – bigger and better products call for a bigger and better team!

This jump in employment has brought many new faces to the Boden Business Park. Boden is home to Sweden’s fastest growing gaming industry, made up of countless production houses and game studios: House of How, Limit Break, Floofcorp, Arctic Game Lab, Bazooka Game Studios, Rustracers, Boden Brawl, Raincoat Republic, and Studio Nord, to name a few. We hope we can take part in the movement to make Boden the next Stockholm.

Wanderword Offices at Boden Business Park