A sit down with Voice Spark CEO professional Nicholas E. Sawka

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“I had the pleasure of chatting about Cursed Painting with Voice Sprk CEO Nicholas E. Sawka, an experienced audio industry veteran who’s roster includes GCNES Creations and NES Voice Skills.

Game style skills, or RPGs for that matter, are a rather new phenomena in a skill store dominated by question of the day quizzes and novelty functions. When discussing the state of RPGs on Alexa, in Nicholas’ words “I think that they still have a ways to go, but what you all are doing is putting your skill at the head of the pack”.

Probing deeper into this praise, I asked what put us ahead in his eyes. 

“Honestly, I love the visual images, it seemed like you all put a lot of thought and time into them. I really like how you took advantage of device’s displays, using it as a way to further the story and deepen the experience visually. I think the artwork is just fantastic, and more important than you know.”

In developing Cursed Painting, we made the decision to add totally unique artworks from a single artist that served to depict characters, locations, inventories, and maps for those playing on screened Alexa devices, or on a phone.    

Speaking with an interactive audio veteran, my next question was naturally; what do you think are the next steps in interactive audio content of the future?

“I’m not really sure about this one, but I would simply say create the highest level of audio content that you can. Take a look at the Alexa docs and create the highest quality audio as possible.” “The sound effects really stuck with me. The use of SFX is key when creating an experience like yours.”

Final thoughts? “Keep building it include detailed maps and other items that would bring it more into the realm of a video game RPG”.

Mark Tintinger