Our content, called Poptales, is all about interactive audio fun!

Our technology allows for hands-free, heads-up engagement and truly interactive entertainment. Whether you’re caught up in a mystery, mastering a game, or learning with educational content, the story is always yours and the journey and outcome depend on your choices. All you have to do is tell us where you want to go!


Our unique interactive audio patent allows us to fuse the concept of traditional literature with the mechanics of non-linear storytelling and immersive audio-based games. Imagine an audiobook with you as the protagonist!

Pushing the boundaries for Interactive Audio entertainment

Wanderword develops and publishes interactive audio entertainment, for the global mobile and smart speaker market.

Our releases

Cursed Painting

Explore ancient ruins in order to uncover the secret of a cursed painting hidden deep inside an abandoned castle, and stop the undead curse plaguing the kingdom in this expansive RPG.

Choose between three different backgrounds - a thief, an adventurer or a noble in this interactive role playing experience and get ready for a grand adventure featuring a rich soundscape.

Out now!

Two new expansions:

"The Price of Knowledge"

"Echoes of the Past"

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Horror story 63rd & Wallace

In 63rd & Wallace, we follow a young woman, Charlene Weatherford, who embarks on a reluctant journey in search of her lost sister. Charlene is kidnapped by the trusted Doctor Holmes, America’s first serial killer, and she is forced to make a choice – fight or perish. Charlene chooses to fight, armed with only the clothes she’s wearing, and her best asset - ingenuity. Charlene’s story is about personal survival. It is a tale of horror and struggle, mixed with mind-bending puzzles.

To date, three episodes launched on Amazon Echo devices, promoted by Amazon. Customer review average 4 of 5 stars. Strong relative performance with >31 000 activations of the skill, compared to average audiobook downloads of 7000.

Word games app Bluurb 

Bluurb is a fun interactive word-game that lets you create your own unique short story. Start with picking a story that looks fun to you.

A Bluurb is a story created by you, by simply talking to the app and coming up with words when prompted, be it a color, a verb, noun, a number or day in the week, or why not a favorite food? After you’ve completed your Bluurb, the app reads it back to you, orchestrated with rich sound effects and music. With a simple tap, you can save and share your unique story with other players!

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